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July 14, 2014
Find Used Cars in Miami at Lehman Mitsubishi

Find Used Cars in Miami at Lehman Mitsubishi

When you’re searching the market for your next vehicle, it can be tough to decide whether or not you want a new car or a pre owned car. There are benefits to purchasing both, however, choosing a pre-owned vehicle at Lehman Mitsubishi is not as bad as you may think. In fact, most pre owned vehicles at local dealerships are still in top condition, but much less in cost! You can find used cars in Miami at Lehman Mitsubishi, as well as excellent customer service and selection!


At Lehman Mitsubishi, you have endless options of used vehicles. With over 150 pre owned vehicles in stock, you won’t have any problem finding a car that suits you! Lehman Mitsubishi also has models from several different brands, such as:
• Chrysler
• Hyundai
• Honda
• Nissan
• Dodge
• And Many More!]
find used cars at Lehman Mitsubishi


Although many cringe at purchasing a used vehicle rather than getting that “new car smell,” that won’t be the case if it’s a used vehicle from Lehman Mitsubishi. Their inventory is still in great condition and of excellent quality. The majority of their pre owned vehicles come with a CARFAX, and the crew always has special pricing on select vehicles! That way, you are always getting the best deal when you shop at Lehman Mitsubishi.

Customer Service and Financing

For those of you searching for a new vehicle in the Miami area, Lehman Mitsubishi also offers a great financing program to its customers! Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit at all, you can get accepted for a car loan! The Finance Team will do their best to utilize their connections with their several Lending Sources to lay out a series of financial options for you to choose from. Thanks to the Lehman Mitsubishi Finance Team, you can choose a financing plan that fits your budget and desires!
the finance team at lehman mitsubishi


If you’ve been searching for used cars in Miami, then look no further than Lehman Mitsubishi! Find great pricing and quality from the team by stopping by or calling 866-651-0308 for more information!

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