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February 28, 2017
Go for a Joyride in the Mitsubishi Mirage in Miami

Go for a Joyride in the Mitsubishi Mirage in Miami

Lehman Mitsubishi has the power to be your one-stop destination if you are looking for a reliable vehicle like the Mitsubishi Mirage in Miami. Our dedicated Sales Staff is excited to work with you to find the car right for you, so stop by and see whats in store. Our inventory is full of well designed Mitsubishi vehicles waiting to flaunt their impressive technology and features. Why wait to come? We are conveniently located in Miami, so take the short trip to our dealership today!

Advanced Technology

One of the first things you notice as you step inside the Mitsubishi Mirage in Miami is the stunning 6.5-inch touchscreen display. This screen is capable of multiple functions like a live video camera feed of behind the car while reversing, access to convenient apps, and hands free calling through Bluetooth® technology. Road trips are not the same without your favorite music, and connecting your smartphone to Bluetooth® allows you to effortlessly stream the artists you love. The Mitsubishi Mirage in Miami also has an available Rockford Fosgate® ecoPUNCH® audio system that uses 300 watts to produce deep bass and crisp sounds from the mighty MOSFET subwoofer.

Making Things Convenient

The Mitsubishi Mirage in Miami gets you where you are headed while wasting minimal amounts of time. The Fast Key Entry System with Push Button Start lets the driver walk up to the car and unlock the driver door with one push on the door handle, or all doors with pushes. Once you and all your passengers are set and buckled up, simply press the Push Button Start to get your journey and engine started. Knowledge is power, and knowing what surrounds you can help prevent a potential accident. The exterior of the Mitsubishi Mirage in Miami was designed to minimize blind spots to give you the best vision of your surroundings. Remain comfortable no matter what the weather outside is like with available automatic climate control to bring in heat or cool things off.

Safety Features of Mitsubishi Mirage in Miami

Mitsubishi’s Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution is a framework design that is reinforced in necessary places, and designed to crumple in others to absorb the impact during an accidental collision. Another intelligent safety feature is the Active Stability Control system, which is designed to sense when a wheel slips and sends a signal the Anti-Lock Braking System to apply the brakes to the wheels with more traction to increase the Mirage’s stability. The Mirage also comes standard with a total of 7 airbags, consisting of front, front-seat-mounted-, and side-curtain-airbags. These seven airbags along with the other safety features do the most to keep you and the ones you love safe.

Contact Us!

Our staff at Lehman Mitsubishi loves to help our customers in any way we can, so let us know if you have a question about the Mitsubishi Mirage in Miami! We can be contacted through email, phone call, or a personal conversation with our staff when you visit our dealership. Our user friendly website provides all kinds of information about what we can do for you, including what our Service Department can do for your vehicle. Come see what the team at Lehman Mitsubishi can do for you!

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